Histórias passadas de coisas não tão passadas assim

terça-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2012


As the colours of the wall fade away
My face will stay the same
As the years go by and the poets cry
You won’t forget my name

Take a good look at this Picture
What can you see?
Shall I whisper never and live forever
As a ghost inside of me?
Would you still Love me If I was old
Or would you take your words away?
I will keep my Picture lock and safe
And my beauty will be a fake

Time will never pass for me
And I’ll never be set free
And my curse will never die
My Picture must be this phantom of me

As the years will fly away
My face will stay the same
And you all will die as I’m still alive
I’ll be lonely by the end
And i’m running in my dreams
From the evil things I’ve done
I’ll wear this mask of blood and flesh
Of the man that is long gone

Dorian, come take a look at me. What is wrong in me? What is wrong in you

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